Are you in an urgent need of cash?
Loans Kenya gives you an opportunity to apply for an Unsecured Online Loan.No paperwork,
-No long procedures.
All you need is :
-Your National Identification card
-You must have used Mpesa for more than 2 months.
-Your loan limit is calculated based on how you have used mobile transfer services eg M-pesa.
Minimum Amount Ksh 1,000′,Maximum Amount ksh 100,000
-You must be able to repay the loan after 6 months with an interest rate of 5%
-Approval takes 30 minutes and loans are sent via mpesa.
-After application a customer care agent will get in touch with you.
Procedure For Application.
1.Fill in the details as required
2.Give a short description of how you will use the loan.
3.State the purpose of the loan personal/Business/Emergency.
4.All First time(New) applicants are required to pay a fee of Ksh 300 only which is automatically refunded if you don’t qualify for a loan. (The Fee is used to confirm your credit history from the relevant lending organizations)
Registration Procedure
1.Go to Mpesa menu
2.Send Money.
3..Enter phone number 0720 228 692(Finance Officer-Mr.Davis) 4.Amount Ksh.300
5.Your Mpesa pin and confirm to send Money.
Note that this Amount is added to your loan after Approval.
You will receive a confirmation code and How Much You qualify as your first loan